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How to pick men for team receiving grant

For the successful implementation of the project, a close-knit team of specialists is needed. Without personnel, it is impossible to convince that the grant obligations will be fulfilled. When forming a team, it is important to understand the following questions:

– Understanding of the principles of the formation of the project team.

– Understanding of the principles and mechanisms for …

Types of grants

Grants – cash or other funds transferred free of charge and irrevocably by citizens and legal entities, including foreign citizens and foreign legal entities, as well as international organizations that have received the right to provide grants. At the expense of grants, in particular, scientific and (or) scientific and technical activities can be carried out. Currently, grant programs are widely …

Useful tips and info about grants

Grant is a free subsidy to enterprises, organizations and individuals in cash or in kind to carry out scientific or other research, development work, training, treatment and other purposes, followed by a report on their use.

Examples of Grant Activities:

1. Training or internship

Provides training or internship at a school in a country or abroad. It can be calculated …

Grant from a specialized organization

Even a relatively small business requires substantial cash injections. Every start-up sooner or later faces the need to raise funds. But the most obvious options, such as searching for an investor or launching a crowdfunding campaign, do not always bear fruit. Today, even in Silicon Valley, investors are extremely reluctant to risk investing their money in start-up projects. Crowdfunding is …