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Planning a budget for a business grant

Probably, you have already seen various forms of applications for grant and, probably, noticed that practically in each of them there are sections “Calendar Plan”, “Estimate” (or “Budget”).

A well-defined schedule will help you correctly plan the implementation of the project and keep it under constant control. The calendar plan is based on the logical-structural matrix.

Development of the schedule, …

How to pick men for team receiving grant

For the successful implementation of the project, a close-knit team of specialists is needed. Without personnel, it is impossible to convince that the grant obligations will be fulfilled. When forming a team, it is important to understand the following questions:

– Understanding of the principles of the formation of the project team.

– Understanding of the principles and mechanisms for …

Basic info on business grants

Grants are the most common form of funding for projects by donor organizations.

There are many definitions and concepts what are donor organizations, funds, grants, programs. A number of them are largely interpreted as the same (or identical). Therefore, our task is to find out, in a concise and accessible form, what donor organizations, foundations, grants and how to work …

How to receive business grant

Recall that the term “grant” (English grant – a gift, subsidy, subsidy) is understood as a grant in monetary or other forms, which is provided by citizens and legal entities (in particular, foreign) to an enterprise, organization, institution, initiative group or private person for the implementation of the declared project in a particular area of activity. As a rule, grants …