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First of all, in any grant competition, the grantor considers your application, and the first thing that he sees is the introduction. In this part of the application you talk about your organization. As a rule, grants are awarded based on the reputation of the applicant organization, and not only on the quality assessment of the project itself. Foundations prefer to deal with well-known and reliable partners.

Primarily, funds seek to support those organizations or individuals with whom they have already dealt in the past. In the introduction, your task is to prove that you are really able to spend the money and cope with the project. You must gain the trust of the donor. In this part of the application, you will acquaint the organization with your organization in more detail, handing it over with the best. Write this section as if the funder completely unfamiliar with your organization. Most attention is paid to the introduction, as well as to the budget, and they are analyzed very carefully. Consequently, they must be written in such a way that the funder will not have the slightest doubt about your ability to complete the assigned tasks and manage the funds. Funder will feel confident that you will be able to carry out this project as successfully as the previous ones.

Naturally, relatively young organizations do not have enough experience to report. In this case, you can ask for help from other organizations. In other words, it is worthwhile to involve a more experienced partner in cooperation in drafting the application. Of course, such an organization is much more likely to receive funding than you.

What will cause the donor feel confidence in your organization?

Since different donors have different requirements, it is necessary to choose donors because of their possible interest in organizations like yours and in projects similar to yours. Use the application to substantiate the relationship between your interests and the interests of the donor.

What can you say about yourself in the application?

• goals and objectives of your organization;

• how much time it exists, how it developed, what are your financial resources;

• the uniqueness of your organization – something that you were first in the country, in the region, in your field of work;

• your most significant accomplishments or, if the organization was recently established, the achievements of the trustees or employees at their previous work place;

• evaluation of the results of previous projects like the one proposed;

• precedents of financial support you receive from sources other than the fund to which you are applying, with letters of endorsement attached.

The last point is especially important. If you have previously received a grant from any organization and accurately reported at the end of the project, this is your big plus! Very often, funds allocate a small test grant first, and then, if everything is in order, provide more serious support.

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