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In order to receive a grant for the development of your business, it is very important to fill out an application. It can be written in the form of a letter or a more formal document. In any case, the instructions offered to your attention will help assess whether your application contains all the necessary data, how coherently they are set forth, and allow you to better organize the work on the project. They can serve as a standard for the design of your project even if the foundation you are interested in has not sent you any instructions on this. If the fund asks you to follow their established format, follow it.

An application to a state fund is usually longer than that sent to a private one.

In their recommendations for the preparation of applications, the funds indicate the desired number of pages and the sequence of presentation. Quite often, government agencies in their instructions describe in detail the criteria for evaluating each section of the project. If you are asked to limit your project to ten pages printed at one interval, do not print it at two intervals, thinking that this will improve the impression. Carefully follow the rules, otherwise the impression will inevitably be unfavorable. Your application may be rejected simply on the basis that you have violated the rules for its execution.

Applications to state institutions may also contain special forms, for example, a cover sheet with the name of the project, the names of the performers, the requested total amount, the number of people involved in the project, etc.; insurance form (for example, to assess the degree of risk for project implementers); statement of the prohibition of any form of discrimination of candidates for hiring (equal opportunity policy statement), etc.

We recommend you to use one universal form for writing your applications. It allows you to include in the application almost all possible items that are found in applications to public or private funds. Using this form, you can also develop a logical approach to planning and writing any projects.

After writing the application, re-read it again, checking how accurately it meets the above criteria. Please note that no application can satisfy all criteria at once. Try, however, as closely as possible to meet those criteria that are mentioned by your potential source of funding in information materials.

Applications for grants submitted to private foundations and to government organizations (federal, regional, city or district levels) usually differ in form. Private foundations are usually ask to first send a short letter outlining the essence of your project as the initial application. In many cases in the future you will need to send the full version of the project. Sources of state funding almost always require filling out a certain number of standard forms besides the application itself. Thus, applications to private and public organizations vary greatly in design.

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