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Drawing up a project, searching for a foundation and processing an application are, of course, your main tasks. However, at this stage of their execution, the care does not end. Lack of time for the preparation of the application is usually the cause of annoying misses: too detailed presentation of information about one thing and its lack of other activities, as well as spelling and grammatical errors. Therefore, as soon as the last point in the application is set, re-read the text yourself and / or let it be re-read by others before you finalize the application and send it to the fund. What is it for? Since this is probably your first application, and you barely made contact with the foundation, you have not yet had a chance to win full confidence in yourself. As suitable clothing is necessary to create your positive image during an interview with a potential employer, so the appearance of your application should appeal to the person who will consider it. Take the time to give your application the appearance of a professionally composed package with convincing information.

This part is devoted to the final touches in the preparation of the application. It consists of three parts:

editing the first draft version;

practical advice on how to best submit your information;


A part of this chapter is devoted to tips on how to keep the foundation in relation to your organization. Perhaps this information will allow you to succeed in the future.

Editing the first draft version. Having drafted your application, edit it, paying particular attention to brevity, clarity and accuracy. To do this you need at least twice very carefully to read the text of the application. The text needs several revisions. Our advice will tell you where to start.

First reading. Check whether the information you provide is the meaning that you put into it. To solve this problem, use the following suggestive questions:

-Does the structure of your text match the structure described in this manual?

-Does the application contain all the necessary information for the fund?

-Is unnecessary information excluded from the main text and application?

-Does the application have a clear and logical structure?

Second reading. This time you will need a native speaker if your application is written in a language other than your own.

-Check whether you have selected adequate words and phrases by answering the questions:

-Do you misuse too specific terms that are difficult to understand?

-Do words and phrases convey your personal confidence in the successful implementation of the project?

Unpersuasive option: “We hope that we will achieve positive results.”

A convincing option: “We will achieve positive results.” Can you replace common words with expressions that carry a more specific and precise meaning?

Check spelling, punctuation and grammar.

After the completion of the finishing option, postpone your application and return to it in a few days. During this time, the emotional perception of the author will be replaced by a critical perception of a bystander, which will help you improve your application. Let it be read by a person to whose opinion you are respectful.

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