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Horizon 2020 is the largest research and innovation program in the history of the European Union with a budget of about 80 billion euros for seven years (from 2014 to 2020), in addition to the private investments that will be attracted by the fund. The program “Horizon 2020” is designed to increase the number of innovative technologies, discoveries and promising developments by promoting ideas from scientific laboratories to the market.

Under the “Innovations for small and medium business” sub-programs, entrepreneurs may receive a grant (non-refundable) assistance for the implementation of innovative projects from 50 to 2500 thousand euros.

A grant applicant may be enterprises (including new ones) that have innovative, innovative products and / or solutions with high growth potential in the markets of the European Union.

Stages of work:

1. Definition of garnet capabilities. Identification of priority projects, selection of grant mechanisms and identification of opportunities for compliance with the requirements of grants.

2. Project development. Development of the description, budget, project implementation plan, formation (training) of the project team, selection of partners and creation of a consortium (if necessary).

3. Preparation of grant applications with the necessary documents (business plan, feasibility study, etc.) and support during the consideration of the grant application.

4. Project administration, budget control, report preparation, procurement management, coordination with partners.

The preparation of the tender application requires an average of 1-3 months. After the deadline for submission of applications, project proposals are evaluated by a commission consisting of independent experts in those scientific fields with which the competition is held, in accordance with the approved criteria.

As a result of the examination, a decision is made on the allocation of a grant or is provided with a report (Evaluation Summary Report) indicating the weak points of the project. Repeated submission of projects with the necessary changes is allowed.

The team of experts in the field of organizing project financing has extensive experience in implementing projects through grants and loans from international financial organizations, including the European Commission, USAID, SIDA, the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the European Investment Fund Bank (EIB) and others.

Grant funds can be used to purchase new equipment and / or tools for the production of goods or services. On the lease of non-residential premises for business activities, the payment of wages to staff, the provision of resources for the production of goods and services or the purchase of a franchise under a franchise agreement with appropriate equipment.

However, the use of grant funds are unacceptable for:

• preparation of a business plan for participation in the competition;

• payment of debts;

• reimbursement of expenses related to currency fluctuations;

• international travel;

• purchase / rent of residential premises;

• purchase of non-residential real estate;

• purchase of personal items;

• purchase of used equipment, including automobiles (trucks, cars, buses) and motorcycles (mopeds, scooters, motorcycles, watercrafts);

• payment of taxes and mandatory contributions;

• participation in trainings or studies.

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