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It is traditionally considered that the purpose of writing a grant application is to convince those who allocate funds (the relevant committee, foundations, commission, expert advice, etc.) that it is your project that has all the advantages that are valuable in any science, namely: conceptual novelty, methodological rigor and significant content.

It is generally accepted that an application is a written request for a grant, from which you apply to a foundation, corporation or other institution and propose to use your organization, its experience, and the professionalism of your employees to work on solving a specific problem in your area, region or in some special area.

Each organization has its own requirements for writing a grant application. Some funds have their own application forms, which need to be filled out, others offer to write it in an arbitrary form. But even in this case, it is better to adhere to the model adopted in most charitable foundations. Differences will not be significant. Before turning to the specific parts of the application, I would like to give some general advice. Where to begin?

• Record all your ideas, sometimes the most absurd at first glance ideas become the most interesting, promising and real;

• Describe your program in detail;

• Carefully allocate time to work on the project and the application;

• Clearly state the goals and objectives of your program;

• Think about how you will evaluate the results of your project;

• Calculate the costs of personnel, materials and equipment;

• Think over the composition of the team that will work on the project, distribute the roles;

• Remember that good planning is the basis of a good project.

When preparing a project, remember that it should be pleasant and convenient to read, therefore:

• Do not use very small font;

• Number the pages;

• If your application is more than ten pages, make a table of contents;

• Use tables, charts and statistics only where necessary, otherwise it violates the narrative;

• Do not make a large number of applications, press releases, summaries;

• Do not load the reader with an abundance of terms, if they are not necessary, make comments with explanations. Keep in mind that fund employees have to analyze applications in different areas;

• Do not include bulky sentences, try to write in simple, accessible language;

• Write the project on behalf of those who directly benefit from its implementation, focus on their needs and what effect your project will have.

Before you go to a foundation, you must understand and clearly define who you are, what you want to achieve and for whom. In preparing the answers to all these questions, you must constantly keep in mind the interests of a possible funder in order to combine them with the interests of your project and your organization.

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