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Before you contact the foundation for a grant, you must understand and define clearly who you are, what you want to achieve and for whom. In preparing the answers to all these questions, you must constantly keep in mind the interests of a possible funder, in order to combine them with the interests of your project and your organization.

The following eight categories will help us focus on the main point and articulate your thoughts as clearly and clearly as possible:

– the problem;

– social groups;

– geographic areas;

– solution to the problem;

– type of project;

– project duration;

– budget amount;

– characteristic of your organization.

In this work, you will not be able to do anything without the help and direct participation of your employees, your board, volunteers. Do not refuse anyone’s help. You will start a discussion with your colleagues in the organization, and you may soon be able to formulate interesting ideas. You may have to break your head over the answer to one or another question. Do not rush, spend more time on the most difficult questions. And you will achieve remarkable results.

The best way to become a professional in writing projects is to carefully analyze the donor’s mission, the conditions for providing funding and its purpose, and carefully follow the formal requirements for writing an application. Even if you do not succeed, the impression of your project will still be positive, and you will definitely hit the target next.

We considered it necessary to put here some comments on the search for sources of funding by non-governmental organizations.

There are two types of homework that the candidate for grant must do before contacting the donor for funding his project. This is the project itself and the study of the donor organization that is being approached with this project.

Homework on information about the sponsor is not as easy and routine as it may seem at first glance. Is the foundation interested in the subject of your project? Did he finance similar projects in the past? Can you learn from previous supported projects and failed ones? You always get frustrated when you receive empty claims for financial support, stating that the project is unique, even if it was clearly and reasonably written, but misplaced. A good project not only describes the idea and how to implement it, but also corresponds to the program interests of the foundation.

There are no quick results or answers. All of this may require you and the members of the board of your organization to develop a five-year funding plan for the organization in order to ensure the continued availability of funds and a permanent job of finding funds.

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