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The program is focused on conducting and financing exploratory research, giving access to specific designs and products. It directs resources to conduct applied research in those technological areas that are priorities for the Russian economy and contribute to increasing its competitiveness. In addition, the Program finances the creation and support of an innovation infrastructure designed to link the research and development sector with market economy entities, to ensure the conversion of knowledge, their transformation into a market product. The program is aimed at developing the market of domestic high-tech products, commercializing the results of scientific and technical activities, attracting investment in the small innovative business, creating new jobs in the high-tech sector. Enterprises submitting their projects for the competition should have their own scientific, technical and financial history, occupy their niche in the market, and be able to invest sufficient own funds for the project.

Financial support is provided for research and development. Small businesses can participate in the program.

The main directions of the Program are:

– supporting projects of small enterprises aimed at the implementation of priority areas of modernization and technological development of the Russian Federation economy, including in the field of information technology, pharmaceuticals, energy conservation;

– supporting projects of small enterprises for the development and development of new types of high-tech products and technologies based on state-owned intellectual property organizations introduced into the economy on the basis of a license agreement;

– support for small-scale projects for the development of non-primary export-oriented products for the supply to foreign markets;

– support for joint projects carried out by small enterprises with other executive bodies and organizations involved in the implementation of state innovation policy, including with development institutions and public corporations;

– support of joint international projects with the participation of small Russian innovative companies.

For each project, according to the form proposed by the Foundation, an independent expert appraisal should be made to assess the scientific and technical level of development, the prospects for implementation, the commercial implementation of the product being created, the availability and qualification of labor resources for the project, etc. The expert should not only to evaluate the project in points, but also to substantiate the grade given to them. Experts involved in the examination, must have the necessary qualifications for evaluating projects in their direction. The task of the independent examination is to provide the members of the concurrent commission with information on the evaluation of a specific project on the criterion “Quality of work and qualification of the order placement participant”, the possibilities of its implementation and making recommendations on the appropriateness and reasonableness of the proposed amount of funding, compliance with the priority directions of science development and equipment in the Russian Federation and critical technologies of the federal level.

If the application contains no information necessary for assessing the economic efficiency of the project, the applicants’ ability to implement the project, and the possibility of parity financing, this criterion is estimated at 0 points.

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